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Colleges and universities are the bridges that connect students to their career paths by spanning the gap between their academic world and their career.  I was inspired to enter the academic arena to help students, particularly fashion students, create pathways to explore the fashion industry and their career endeavors.   Excellent academic programs cannot accomplish the desired results without proper guidance and counseling for students to enter their desired profession.  It is important to provide sensitive and thoughtful support to students as they wrestle with the many choices that accompany career development. Career advising, therefore, fosters the development of the whole student: a self-directed, motivated, responsible decision-maker who pursues the successful completion of a degree and career.

I completed my M.A. in College Student Development, focusing on career development, and I am currently working on my Ed.D in Leadership in Higher Education.  I have combined my 15+ years in the fashion industry, along with my knowledge of higher education and student development, to help students foster meaningful and thoughtful career decisions – to be their bridge, connecting academics to careers – and to help them reach their own North Star.

M.A. in College Student Development – St. Edward’s University

B.A. in Fashion Merchandise – Stephens College

Stephens College
St. Edward's University
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I have worked for top designers and retail companies such as; Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, and Macy’s.  The majority of my fashion career was in New York City focusing on fabric research and design.  I have a solid professional expertise in buying, sourcing fabrics/colors, and acquiring original artwork.  Working with fabrics/colors/artwork is the beginning of any design process, so it placed me in a unique position of interacting and collaborating with many different divisions throughout the industry. I was also the VP of Merchandising for the Ballet Austin Guild, where I built a team and goals for the Merchandise Committee which helps raise money and support for Ballet Austin.

Ralph Lauren
Calvin Klein
Oscar de la Renta
Liz Claiborne
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As the Merchandising Internship Director, I believe career advising is an important part of the Textile and Apparel academic program and plays a critical role in a student’s education. 


A substantial amount of my time is spent working with and advising students on a one-on-one basis.  Specifically, I advise students on the processes involved in obtaining an internship, current internship opportunities, how they can advocate for themselves to secure their internships, and general advice about the industry. Due to my industry background, I work predominantly with students who are interested in pursuing a career in the Fashion Industry.


I meet one-on-one with each of my students approximately 3 or 4 advising meetings. In these sessions, we discuss the above general topics in personal terms specific to each of their academic and professional career goals, internship opportunities, and the logistics of how and where to apply and prepare for their internships.


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