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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Created videos celebrating my student's internship experiences

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Spring 2021 - Merchandising Interns
Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 4.28.50 PM.png
Fall 2020 - Merchandising and Consumer Science Interns
Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 4.30.05 PM.png
Fall 2020 - Merchandising Interns, Part 1
Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 4.31.53 PM.png
Fall 2020 - Merchandising Interns, Part 2


"Deborah is the professor everyone wants. A committed mentor and with an abundance of resources, she is an honest friend that gives the tough love and support you need as a blossoming young adult. 


For a large part of my time at UT and up until I met Deborah, I felt lost, jumping around from degree to degree, with no concrete post-grad plans in sight. Deborah encouraged me to pick a lane-just something to start out with-and helped me land an amazing opportunity and my current position as marketing manager at Nak Armstrong. Her genuine guidance in this pivotal chapter of my life is something I will always be grateful for."


Kevin S. / BS Merchandising and Consumer Science '22

"Deborah is a professor who has a genuine passion for her student’s success. From the first time I was in her class to now, she always encourages and mentored me through my career path motivating me to land exactly where I need to be. She is one Professor I still keep in contact with as she is always curious to know my career trajectory and is always encouraging me to reach my North Star (as she believes I can and will)!”


Ellen C. / B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '22

"Deborah has been a continuous, supporting mentor since I became one of her students. Her passion for making students understand and apply their strengths makes her a leader in the TXA program. Deborah understands the transition from student to professional life and has a vast knowledge of every aspect of the process."


— Tess F. / B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '22

"Deborah was a great teacher who always encouraged her students to pursue their passions. She helped us recognize our strengths, enabling us to better understand ourselves and how our strengths can be applied in a work environment. Through her course, it was nice to have a community where I could reflect on what I was doing in my internship, being pushed to research and understand my company's mission. She was always such a positive light and made pursuing my career fun."

— Allegra G. / B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '21

"Deborah is the most encouraging teacher I've had throughout UT Austin, and she has faith in every single one of her students. She advised me to let my skill set be my guide, stand out from the crowd, be flexible, and always network. This advise ultimately led me to my dream job, and I couldn't have done it without her words of encouragement and guidance!"

— Maggie A. / B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '20

"Deborah has been a shining light throughout my college experience. I always feel comfortable asking questions and encouraged to strive towards my goals.  Her class has made a huge impact on my college experience and will help immensely with my future career."

— Sammy F. / B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '21

"My experience with  Deborah was amazing. For the first time ever  I felt my professor/mentor believed in me and helped me through challenges with her guidance and advice. She was always so motivating, and she is some I can always count on and can go to for advice and help.”

— Gabriella D. /B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science ‘20

"From the first class I had with Deborah my freshman year of college, I felt that she was a professor who genuinely believed in her students and took their goals and ideas seriously. That remained true throughout the remainder of my time at UT and even beyond graduation as I looked for a job in New York City. Deborah always made herself available when I had questions, and I felt re-motivated and energized after every conversation we had about my future career. She was an amazing resource and mentor to me and I know she will continue to be for many other students!"

— Emily D. / B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '21

“With Deborah's help and guidance, I have learned invaluable lessons which I will carry with me throughout the rest of my professional career. As a pre-medical student, I have found these lessons in her course are essential as I have sought out and acquired shadowing positions and as I begin to put together medical school applications. I am eternally grateful for my experience in Deborah's class and the counsel she has provided me.”


— Shea S. / Human Dev/Family Sciences ‘24

"My experience with Deborah Sztejnberg was nothing short of amazing. Deborah really helps you dig deep and uncover what you are genuinely searching for in a career. Once she goes down the path of discovery with you she helps you lay out a game plan to achieve your goal.  My favorite thing about Deborah is how hands-on and involved she is - she is with you every step of the way and constantly makes an effort to assist in any way she can. With her experience, she connects with the necessary people and gets your mind in the right place to achieve your goals."

— Carmen P.  / B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '20

"Deborah Sztejnberg served as my mentor, teacher, and friend, and my experience at The University of Texas at Austin would not have been as amazing and successful without her. I will forever be grateful for her support and guidance as I transitioned from the academic world to the fashion industry. Professor Sztejnberg offers incredible wisdom in how to succeed in the fashion industry and business professionalism. She cares about her students' success far beyond the classroom, and I am so lucky to have her as a forever mentor that I can reach out to for advice in this challenging and ever-changing industry. Deborah reminds me to always reach for my North Star, and she offers the resources to do just that. Professor Sztejnberg has made an impression in my life that will last forever, and I hope that many more students get the privilege of having her in their life."

— Brooklyn B. / B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '20

"Deborah's passion for believing one can reach their dreams is incredibly infectious and will inspire you to be intentional about your future. During my time in college, Deborah helped me see a light in myself that I had let imposter syndrome blind me from. She was always there to remind me of my capabilities and encourage me to tap into my full potential. Due to her help, I was able to achieve a spring internship with Fossil my last semester of senior year and successfully make an impact within the company through my passions for diversity & inclusion."

— Ibukun O. /  B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '20

"During my time as an undergrad at UT Austin, Professor Sztejnberg placed the utmost emphasis on mastering the necessary skills and strategies to succeed in the modern post-grad career search. Deborah tailors her instruction to each student and pushes every individual to aim for their loftiest aspirations and ultimately land their dream job. I owe a large part of my success to the constant coaching and encouragement I received while being her student and still consider her a valuable part of my professional network even after I have left school and started my professional career in the fashion industry."

— Zachary Y. / B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '21

"Deborah has been a positive influence on my life ever since my first class with her my freshman year at UT Austin. When I think of Deborah, the first thing that comes to mind is her ability to listen to her students. Somehow she is always able to provide the right advice and guidance, not just for success within the classroom but for success in building relationships and preparing us for life’s experiences. I know that whatever I do in the future Deborah will be there for me. The TXA program is so lucky to have her!"

— Sammy B. / B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '21

"From the very first time I sat down in Deborah’s office, I knew that I was gaining a wonderful mentor. Deborah has always encouraged me to find and go after my North Star. She has always believed in me and has been so instrumental in helping me get to the next level in my career. My college and post-grad experience would not have been the same without her. Deborah is always the first person that I seek advice and guidance from on the next steps in my career path. She is always ready and available to jump in to whatever I throw her way. She has a true gift of mentorship and I am so lucky that I have such a great friend and mentor in her."

— Maddie B. / B.S. Merchandising and Consumer Science '21



“This class was extremely helpful and useful. I think every TXA student should take this class because it helped me build such professional material to make me feel confident to go into the work force.”

Course Review TXA 151 – Sp ‘22

“Deborah is a great professor who pushes you to do your best. Her lessons and assignments helped me to learn more about the internship process and how to be the best advocate for myself. Her tough love helped me apply myself and explore my options. The process of finding an internship can be tough but Deborah is always there to talk with and gives great advice and resources.”

Course Review TXA 151 – Sp ‘22

“Deborah was very passionate about the material, and it made learning the content enjoyable. The projects we did were a great way to digest the material. I also really enjoyed the powerpoint lectures, I didn't ever think they were boring. I really appreciated the guest speakers that came into class. I learned so much from this class.”

Course Review TXA 316Q – Sp’22

Course Reviews
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